Clean Motion - JooseBox Plus

Joose Box Plus™ 

Handlebar Mount Power Bank

Bicycle lights, smart phones and GPS all have three things in common. They are useful to riders when mounted on a handlebar. Each runs on a rechargeable battery, and they can all run out of power right in the middle of your ride. JooseBox™ to the rescue. Mount it to your handlebar or seatpost, next to your device, run the included USB cable over and ZAP! You’ve got a fully charged battery.

  • Micro USB charging using the included cord or your standard cell phone charger
  • 2600mAh of reuseable power
  • Silicone mounting for easy on and off on any bar style or size
  • Patent Pending
Joose Box 2600mAh Power Bank
UPC: 5_44989-78602_7
MSRP: $29.99