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RhinoDillos - Soft Tips

RhinoDillos™ now come equipped with Soft-Tips™

Because tire liners must overlap due to variance of the actual interior diameters of a given size of tire, there has always been an edge that is exposed to the tube. Over time, this edge sometimes wears a hole into the tube and actually causes exactly the problem tire liners were made to prevent! We’ve solved this problem with our new Soft-Tips™. Instead of the potentially sharp, cut edge of hard polyurethane facing your tube, RhinoDillos™ with Soft-Tips™ now show a soft side – literally! Problem resolved.

Made of soft cushy Silicone, the Soft-Tips™ on the end of our RhinoDillos™ treat your tube the way they want to be treated – with tender loving care!

*Soft-Tips™ is a trademark of Skye Supply, LLC and are Patent Pending

RhinoDillos - Soft Tips

Tire Liners – from your tube’s point of view.

As you can see from these actual product photos, tire liners can be pretty tough neighbors.

At left, the Mr. Tuffy™ and the Stop Flat™ liners have a hard 90° edge that can rub a hole into your tube.

Only RhinoDillos™ come with the new super soft Soft-Tips to keep the overlap edge from ruining your ride!

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