Quik-Release™ Bicycle Basket

These bicycle baskets have some great features! First of all, the bracket attaches easily by hooking over the handlebars and then grabbing the headset with a velcro strap. But it gets better!

When the foam gripper handles are in the down position, the basket is locked tightly in place. But move them into the up position, and the basket is easily lifted away to take with you!

All six colors are coated in soft PVC to prevent scratching.

Black Basket
Part: QB-01
UPC: 5_44989-78901_8
MSRP: $25.99

White Basket
Part: QB-04
UPC: 5_44989-78904_9
MSRP: $25.99

Baby Blue Basket
Part: QB-07
UPC: 5_44989-78907_0
MSRP: $25.99

Green Basket
Part: QB-08
UPC: 5_44989-78908_7
MSRP: $25.99

Pink Basket
Part: QB-06
UPC: 5_44989-78906_3
MSRP: $25.99

Mocha Basket
Part: QB-14
UPC: 5_44989-78914_8
MSRP: $25.99