Clean Motion - RhinoDillos

What’s a RhinoDillo?

RhinoDillos™ Tire Liners are a tough way to prevent thorns and other road debris from getting to the precious air in your tube and flattening your tire. As the photo to the right demonstrates, placing a RhinoDillo™ between your tire and tube creates a virtually impenetrable layer to keep you riding flat free!

Are they invincible? No, of course not. A nail at the right angle can go through sheet metal. But – they are the toughest available (as you will see below), and they do stop 95% of sharp objects that would have otherwise ruined your day.

Clean Motion - Tire Liners

New SOFT-TIPS™  Prevent friction flats!

A friction flat is a way of describing what happens when the edge of a tire liner with the overlapping ends rubs against the tube on the inner circumference and actually CAUSES a flat tire. With our new patent pending Soft-Tips™, your tube will be protected from this flat-causing edge seen on all other brands of tire liners!

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RhinoDillos™ have been proven tougher in side by side tests by riders, dealers and Independent Labs!

Tire Liner Comparison
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RhinoDillos Packaging

RhinoDillos™ come in new Pre-Relaxed packaging to make installation a snap when compared to other liners which want to curl back into a tight ball.

Have you ever installed a tire liner that kept trying to roll back up? Our new patent pending pre-relaxed packaging means you’ll never have to wrestle with your tire liner again!

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