Clean Motion - Beam Bugs

Beam Bugs

Head Light and Tail Light

Beam Bug Headlights and Tail Lights have 2 high power LEDs and mount virtually anywhere. The black head light shines white light for the front and the tail light shines red light for the rear.

  • Each uses (2) replaceable C-2032 batteries
  • Up to 50 hours battery life
  • Three modes: STEADY – BLINK – STROBE
Black Head Light
Part: LBBH-1
UPC: 5_44989-76561_6
MSRP: $8.49

Pink Head Light
Part: LBBH-6
UPC: 5_44989-76568_5
MSRP: $8.49

Baby Blue Head Light
Part: LBBH-7
UPC: 5_44989-76569_2
MSRP: $8.49

Blue Head Light
Part: LBBH-2
UPC: 5_44989-76564_7
MSRP: $8.49

White Head Light
Part: LBBH-4
UPC: 5_44989-76566_1
MSRP: $8.49

Minty Green Head Light
Part: LBBH-8
UPC: 5_44989-76561_5
MSRP: $8.49

Yellow Head Light
Part: LBBH-5
UPC: 5_44989-76567_8
MSRP: $8.49

Red Head Light
Part: LBBH-10
UPC: 5_44989-76565_3
MSRP: $8.49

Lavender Head Light
Part: LBBH-9
UPC: 5_44989-76562_2
MSRP: $8.49

Black Tail Light
Part: LBBT-3
UPC: 5_44989-76573_9
MSRP: $8.49

Red Tail Light
Part: LBBT-2
UPC: 5_44989-76562_3
MSRP: $8.49

White Tail Light
Part: LBBT-4
UPC: 5_44989-76574_6
MSRP: $8.49

Head Light / Tail Light Set
Part: LBBS-3
UPC: 5_44989-76563_0
MSRP: $15.99